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There are things we’re not: accountants, lawyers, software, insurance providers, etc. We’ll recommend aircraft based on what you need to accomplish, and that add value to your clients for superior products. For the rest, here are links that we either use or are recommended to us for You 2.0 so that you stay focused on what you do best (sell your business service).


Accounting Firms:

Solari and Partners, located in Reno, NV and talk to Ms. Amy Allen, CPA, she loves helping the small business start and grow.


For Business and Incorporation Papers; Drinkwater Law, located in Reno, NV and talk to Kerry Eaton

For Drone Law: Rupprecht Law P.A. located in Palm Beach County, Florida and talk to Jonathan Rupprecht – he’s a pilot and he gets us.

Drone Rentals:

Blue Skies Drone Rentals talk to Todd or Dale


Verify, the most useful APP you’ll ever download and they can do general liability now as well


There is other software out there and this is the best in price, support and service: