• Who: Winemasters and viticulturist everywhere, whether you’re just starting out or your vineyard has been operational for generations.  Do you want to reduce the time it takes to laboriously walk up and down every row in your vineyard to inspect or even spray your vines? Or maybe you simply don’t have enough laborers to do the work. This site could be the solution that you’ve been searching for.  
  • What: Knowing when and how much to irrigate is dependent on many factors including the stage of vine growth, the amount of rainfall during that particular grow season, even the site itself proves to be a variable. Traditional moisture sensors come with their own set of problems. They are difficult to install and require frequent maintenance. Let us help you to take the guess work out of irrigation.  
  • Where: From Napa Valley to Tuscany and everywhere in between. Anywhere there is a vineyard in need of water maintenance.  
  • When: Outside during daylight hours, with at least semi light, preferably with sun angles are at their highest for minimal shadowing. Winds should be no more than 25 miles per hour.    
  • Why: Ask anyone who is in the agriculture business and they’ll tell you that water is worth more than gold, especially these days. Knowing exactly where and how much to irrigate saves time and money, but most of all, yields consistency in the grapes which translates to superior bottle of wine for the consumer.  
  • How: A UAV fitted with a thermal sensor can calculate the crop water stress index (CWSI) and plot the data straight to your office where you can then decide how to irrigate your vines both efficiently and economically.  We can help you find the perfect drone fitted with the necessary sensors to fit your specific needs and budget.  
  • Cost: Contact Us (775) 287-9038