pipelineUAS.com and pipelineUAV.com

  • Who: Pipeline operators all over the globe, whether in planning or operational phases. 
  • What: Collect data crucial to pipeline route planning like topography, property boundaries, existing utility locations, and more. Once built and operational, UAV’s can be used to run routine inspections and right-of-wat monitoring. 
  • Where: Anywhere there are plans for pipelines to be built, or along the miles upon miles of pipeline already in place and operational. 
  • When: Outside during daylight hours in at least semi-light, with windspeeds no more than miles per hour. Preferably with high sun angles to minimize shadowing. 
  • Why: This technology would be excellent in conjunction with or as an alternative to traditional manned land vehicles, even more so in areas that are all but inaccessible. It is also much more cost effective than manned aircrafts. 
  • How: Your UAS can be fitted with cameras and sensors specific to your needs. With not only temperature sensors, but hyperspectral and hydrocarbon sensors that can aid in leak detection. All data can be transmitted directly to a ground unit or to a SCADA system.

While these names are similar, there is room in the industry for more than one. Once you pick your site name, a similar site name will not be sold in the same geographic area without your being notified and given first right of refusal. 

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