• Who:  Farmers and ranchers everywhere. Have you ever wanted to pin the exact location of where your crops could use a little more attention? How about tracking livestock that have wandered out of range? In matters like these, time is of the essence. It is approximated that 30-40% of crop yield is lost annually to problems like agricultural pests. Protect your investment and acquire peace of mind with the help of an UAV. 
  • What: You’ll take advantage of this technology to identify areas of concern within your farm or ranch. You can also use it to create 2-D maps and 3-D models of your land. 
  • Where: Farms, ranches, and large expanses of grazing lands all over the world. 
  • When: Outdoors, during the day with at least semi light, with wind speeds less than 25 miles per hour. Sun angles should be overhead to produce optimal imaging with minimal shadowing.  
  • Why: Save days out in the field monitoring crops or wrangling grazing livestock. With the help of your eye in the sky, you can accomplish that and so much more with increased speed and accuracy. 
  • How: Whether it be a fixed wing or a multi-rotor craft, we can find the perfect UAV to meet you specific needs and budget. By equipping your customized UAV with multispectral and infrared sensors you will be able to monitor soil and plant health as well as use the heat imaging to track livestock, whether they are in plain sight or hidden behind otherwise obstructive shrubbery.  
  • Cost: Contact Us (775) 287-9038