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*Not intended for the illegal use of UAV’s in hunting practices. Please see your state regulations regarding UAV’s and wildlife.

  • Who: Hunters who want to preserve the age-old tradition of hunting by protecting the land and the animals that reside there.
  • What: Track population sizes, monitor herd health, improve rangeland conditions, assess lake and stream health, use aerial footage for videos or slideshows, the possibilities are limitless.
  • Where: Anywhere there is hunting and fishing. From the Sierra Nevada’s to the Great Plains.
  • When: Outdoors, during the day with at least semi light. Wind speeds should be less than 25 miles per hour. Sun angles should be overhead for minimal shadowing.
  • Why: Hunters ARE conservationists. More than $57 billion in funds for state fish and game agencies has come from hunters and fisherman alone since 1939. You understand the need for conservation practices more than most, because you live it.
  • How: Whether it be a fixed wing or a multi-rotor craft, we can find the perfect UAV to meet your specific needs and budget. By equipping your customized UAV with multispectral and infrared sensors you will be able to monitor soil and plant health as well as use the heat imaging to track wildlife, whether they are in plain sight or hidden behind otherwise obstructive shrubbery.
  • Cost: Contact Us (775) 287-9038

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