• Who: You probably work for a small police department, or County and need surveillance without the privacy concerns or liability issues…maybe you own a ranch and need to stop cattle rustling or livestock theft. Maybe you’ve already have done both of these and want to provide this service to others?  
  • What: Use low cost GPS markers tagged to livestock, programmed in Arduino or Raspberry Pi to monitor your livestock’s general location and find them or monitor their placement on the range, from the field with a satellite connection via laptop.  Find cattle’s general location and then use a thermal sensor with small UAS to find them among the trees and send in the boys to herd them up and bring them home to market. Maybe, you’re helping to do private security on large holdings and want to run surveillance of their boarders? It’s all possible here. 
  • Where: Private lands and public lands with permission.  
  • When: At night in good weather, or during the day as winds less than 27 miles per hour. 
  • Why: Because today “riding the fence line” takes on a whole other meaning. 
  • How: Whether fixed, wing or roto-copter there is a UAS for you. You’ll fly at 75 feet to 400 feet agl with live video stream or, other sensors, you’ll capture real time data to call out the forces. 
  • Cost: To be determined. (775) 287-9038