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  • Who: This site is for security agencies or individuals responsible for public and/or civil safety.
  • What: Whether your monitoring a large crowd or just an individual, you can produce real time video directly to your base of operations. With direct data transfer, your team can operate without delay. 
  • Where: Monitor perimeters, protests, traffic, missing persons, weather events, festivals, concerts, and more. The security applications are endless. 
  • When: Day or night, sensor permitting, anytime an extra set of eyes would prove to be beneficial, providing mild to moderate weather conditions, with winds no more than 27 miles per hour. Day flights are optimal when shadows are minimal. 
  • Why: Easy to use, no need to waste countless time and money on extensive training. Gain a new perspective with high resolution aerial views and hone in on events or persons of interest with both ease and accuracy. 
  • How: Your customized UAS can be fitted with thermal or night sensors and cameras to allow you to monitor areas in both dark or light conditions. It can be built large for endurance, or small for discretion. You’ll fly between 250 feet and 400 feet above the ground, with a product at 2-cm to 4-cm resolution. 

While these names are similar, there is room in the industry for more than one. Once you pick your site name, a similar site name will not be sold in the same geographic area without your being notified and given first right of refusal. 

Cost: Contact Us (775) 287-9038