dronehydrogeologist.com and usgsUAV.com

  • Who: The hydrogeologist looking to add a valuable tool and to their arsenal skill to their resume. Or the “retired” USGS personnel that wants to get back in the game, but on their terms. 
  • What: You’ll utilize this innovative technology to detect and assess aquifers, springs wells, or any other groundwater source. 
  • Where: On Private or Federal lands (with permission).  Anywhere water is front and center…okay that’s everywhere. 
  • When: Outside in at least semi-light within 2 hours in either direction of high noon for minimal shadowing. Windspeeds should be no more than 25 miles per hour. 
  • Why: A UAV will allow you to access areas that are hazardous or just plain inaccessible. It will also save you time and money by increasing the speed and accuracy at which the data is collected. 
  • How: Whether quadcopter or fixed-wing, we will set you up with the perfect UAV to suit both your budget and your needs.  Once fitted with sensors like multispectral cameras and thermal infrared imaging, you will be able to generate topographical maps with vegetation data as well as locate, evaluate, and characterize groundwater discharge.  

While these names are similar, there is room in the industry for more than one. Once you pick your site name, a similar site name will not be sold in the same geographic area without your being notified and given first right of refusal. 

Cost: Contact Us (775) 287-9038