• Who: You are GIS specialist, or you just love it and are leaning its power. 
  • What: While you can make any map, you want to make the difference with the power of aerial at a 2 to 4-cm resolution you could only dream about. Until now. 
  • Where: On Private or Federal Lands (with permission). Anywhere with light of sight or now beyond line of sight. 
  • When: In good weather outside, at winds less than 25 miles per hour, flying under 400 feet agl, you’ll fly with different sensors in different light conditions. In water you have many more choices whether mapping a lake or taking water quality samples or even taking video of underwater avalanches, finding shipwrecks, mapping the bottom of lakes, finding underwater gas leaks, and more. 
  • Why: Because you can’t economically get to these areas, whether line of sight or beyond line of sight.  Use of this technology is faster, cheaper, and better. Use of this technology will save you days in the field and will help you focus field studies for the most important areas. 
  • How: Whether fixed-wing or roto-copter there is a UAS for you. You’ll fly at between 250 feet  to 400 feet above ground surface, with a product at 2-cm resolution for final export to Arc-GIS other aerial mapping formats.   
  • Cost: Contact Us (775) 287-9038