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  • Who: Foresters everywhere.  Have you ever needed to thin a forest, count trees, or wildlife?  Manage and identify diseases or monitor how various species are growing.  
  • What:  Forestry managers looking to increase efficiency on the job. Find the disease before your eyes can see it and see the map from your tailgate.  
  • Where: Forest and Tree Canopies anywhere.  Don’t have the budget to send hand crews?  What if you could send the hand crews to the exact location?  
  • When: Outside in at least semi-light depending on the sensor at winds less than 20 miles per hour.   Preferably when sun angles are overhead. 
  • Why: Trees, the foot soldiers in the fight against climate change.  Assess canopy health and disease, resource extraction, wildlife protection through species identification. 
  • How: We will help to find you the perfect UAS to meet your needs. You’ll fly between 250 and 400 feet above the ground, with a product of 2 to 6-cm resolution for final export to GIS or any aerial mapping format.

While these names are similar, there is room in the industry for more than one. Once you pick your site name, a similar site name will not be sold in the same geographic area without your being notified and given first right of refusal. 

Cost: Contact Us (775) 287-9038