• Who: Journalists looking to step up their game and be a cut above the rest. Journalism is a dog eat dog industry. Are you looking for a way for your news coverage to stand out among the rest? This is the solution that you’ve been searching for.  
  • What: Cover breaking news the moment it happens like never before with this innovative technology. With instant aerial imaging, immersion journalism has never been easier.  
  • Where: The convenience of a UAV means that you can pack it up and take it anywhere (with permission) that news is happening.  
  • When: Outside or inside, wherever the story takes you. You’ll want to fly in at least semi light with sun angles at their highest to minimize shadowing and optimize imaging.   
  • Why: Not every journalist has the luxury of having a camera man following them around, but there is no longer a need for one. You can get real time video and images in places that would otherwise be hazardous or costly to access. Shoot hurricane aftermaths, active volcanos, any natural or man-made disasters all while keeping a safe distance. Record an interview or an on the spot news report. This could be the most valuable tool in your arsenal.  
  • How: No matter the situation, we can find the right UAV for you. Are you covering a story at night? We can fit your drone with night vision sensors. Do you want to gather mapping data? We’ll equip it with multispectral thermal cameras. No matter the situation, we can find the right equipment to suit your needs.  
  • Cost: Contact Us (775) 287-9038