• Who: Real Estate agents who want to increase the viewing capacity for their clientele. Have you ever tried to photograph a larger home from the ground? Fitting it into the frame is near impossible. The angles are misleading and can make even a house of massive proportions seem like a standard two story.   
  • What: Utilize this innovative technology to reel them in with stunning aerial stills and video of the exterior of the home, as well as the surrounding property. Give your clients a virtual tour of the inside of the house. You can even go as far as giving your clients a tour of the town. This is particularly beneficial for your out of town home buyers.  
  • Where: Anywhere homes are being sold.   
  • When: Both inside and out. For optimal video and stills, you want to operate in at least semi light with high sun angles to minimize shadowing. Wind speeds should be no more than 20 miles per hour.  
  • Why: What is the goal of a Real Estate Agent? To sell homes. And to do that, you need to grab the attention of potential buyers. You want to pique their interest while they are browsing online and encourage them to spend more time viewing the home.  
  • How: You’ll be flying between 250 and 400 feet above the ground. With intelligent flight modes you’ll be able to operate you’re UAV with ease. 2-cm to 4-cm resolution cameras with 4k capability will provide dazzling imagery for your clients viewing pleasure. Even if your client has an interest in the landscape, we’ve got you covered. We can fit your UAV with a multispectral sensor with mapping capabilities. The data can be processed by the aerial mapping software of your choice.  
  • Cost: Contact Us (775) 287-9038