• Who: Are you looking to improve the quality of your soil to ensure fertility for future crops? Do you want to crease your agricultural yield? Maybe you want to lessen your footprint on the surrounding ecosystem. Whatever the reason, this is the site for you.  
  • What: You’ll utilize cutting edge technology to locate soil variation and comprehensively assess the water content for more efficient crop management.  
  • Where: This technology is applicable anywhere soil surveillance is needed. Wherever crops are grown, UAV’s can be flown.   
  • When: Outside in at least semi light preferably when the sun is high in the sky to avoid shadows. Wind should be less than 25 miles per hour.  
  • Why: Save yourself the hassle of hiring a pilot for crop imaging or using data from previous seasons. Use of UAV’s for assessing soils is more cost effective, faster, and more accurate than traditional methods.   
  • How: You’ll fly between 250 feet and 400 feet above the ground. The low altitude derived images give a perspective that wasn’t previously available to farmers. The multispectral images collected from the sensors integrate with specialized agriculture software to produce NDVI data which can be viewed and analyzed on the ground unit.  
  • Cost: Contact Us  (775) 287-9038