• Who: This site is for anyone in the agricultural business who is looking to increase production or even just to streamline their operation. 
  • What: What is precision agriculture? It can be described as the complex correlation between crop growth and decision making. In other words, it encompasses anything and everything that educes more accuracy in both farming and ranching. By utilizing this technology you can do just that. 
  • Where: Farms and ranches across the globe. 
  • When: Outdoors, during the day with at least semi light. Wind speeds should be less than 25 miles per hour. Sun angles should be overhead to produce minimal shadowing.  
  • Why: Reduce costs and increase crop yields by pinpointing exactly where your crops need irrigation, fertilizer, or pesticides. Or track wandering livestock to reduce loss. 
  • How: You no longer have to wait for NDVI imaging from a third party. Take matters into your own hands and cut out the middle man. Your customized UAV will be fitted with optical and infrared sensors capable of producing aerial maps overlain with NDVI data in a fraction of the time and directly to you. 
  • Cost: Contact Us  (775) 287-9038