• Who: Farmers and ranchers looking to break into the growing field of precision agriculture to cut costs while simultaneously increasing efficiency.     
  • What: UAV applications in agriculture are endless. From soil assessments, pest control, irrigation issues, assessing crop yields, tracking wandering livestock, and so much more.    
  • Where: With such a wide range of uses, this innovative technology is applicable literally anywhere there is agriculture  
  • When: Outside during daylight hours, with at least semi light, preferably with sun angles at their highest for minimal shadowing.  Winds should be no more than 25 miles per hour.        
  • Why: Ask anyone who is in the agriculture business and they’ll tell you that water is worth more than gold, especially these days.  Knowing exactly where and how much to irrigate saves time and money. The same goes for the ability to pinpoint exactly where your crops need spraying.  
  • How: You’ll fly between 250 feet and 400 feet above the ground.  The low altitude derived images give a perspective that wasn’t previously easily accessible to farmers.  The multispectral images collected from the sensors integrate with specialized agriculture software to produce NDVI data which can be viewed and analyzed on the ground unit.  
  • Cost: Contact Us  (775) 287-9038